First Come First Serve Basis



Air Cargo every 2 Weeks.



We now offer Port to Port Service to


Coron & Cuyo in Palawan!




The shipping industry is facing unforeseen heavy PORT Congestion and VESSEL DELAYS WORLWIDE! This is due to lack of equipment, limited yard space & increased anchorage waiting time.  Most worse is we, Forwarders are paying huge DEMURRAGE Fee ( waiting detention at the Port). We are asking for more understanding & patience.


Guidelines in Balikbayan Shipment

(Submission of Infomation Sheet

to Advance Manifest System)

A. - Fill-up the Information Sheet, Pages 1& 2 (see Packing List)

(it should be signed by the parties)


B. - Copy of Passport

C. - Invoice/Receipts, (IF APPLICABLE)