Dear Valued Balikbayan Box Sender


Kindly advise your recipient to inspect the boxes properly

before signing the Delivery-Receipt.

Once the Delivery-Receipt has been signed to have received the

boxes in good condition, any complaint will not be entertained anymore.

Hoping for your kind consideration.

Please be aware that the Bureau of Customs in Manila is very strict

in determining the actual items inside the container,

against your declaration of Personal Effects and Household Goods.

Please don`t attempt to load the following:

1. Motor Vehicle.

2. Motorcycles.

3. Spare part's.

4. Tires, Rims.

5. Petrol or Gasoline operated machine equipment.

6. Air Guns, Guns, Rifles.

7. Gasoline, Alcohol.

8. Detergents and any liquid, paints and related materials.

9. Batteries, or any materials with Alkaline.

10. Dangerous contents, all commercial items.

Otherwise, the whole container

is subject for SEIZURE.

Please be guided accordingly.

Hoping for your kind consideration,

Malou Tila


Pinoy Asian Store.


Proper Packaging of Fragile items &

Proper Declaration of Valuables.

Dear Sir / Maàm,


I would like to request you for an appropriate and suitable packing

of all fragile and delicate objects like:

TV, LCD/LED, Gas Range, Plate, Glass etc.

We suggest that it must be securely packed and should be

in a Wooden Crate for added protection during handling and

shipping to lessen the chances of breaking or getting damages.


On the other hand, please declare boxes with valuable contents

such as jewelries, important documents, appliances, gadgets and other

valuable items, whether brand new or used, to ensure that future

complaints and claims of loss or damaged contents of boxes will be

addressed properly and to determine the claims

if it is within our limit of liability.


Kindly follow this method.

We`ll not take responsibility for the cost of damaged shipment's

due to improper packing and improper declaration.


Thank you and God Bless.



Malou Tila